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Project Life {6}: Tackling Week in the Life

Every year I participate in Ali Edwards' yearly Week in the Life project. A lot of people that participate usually make a separate album. For me, Week in the Life was added to whatever memory keeping project for that year/season. In 2011, I added a photo or two from each day into my Summer Minibook.

Last year, my photos and documentation went into Project Life. The dates were great for us as that was the start of Fire Season and the week ended with a wedding! I ended up with quite a few inserts and got to play around a bit. The system worked out so well that I am going to be using it for this year if/when I do it again. There is nothing too spectacular about my process. I picked my favorites and tried to stick with the same repeating elements and embellishments.

Monday and Tuesday Design C and Custom Made Pockets

Monday started out slow and I did not have a lot of photos I wanted to add. So I stuck with the first picture of Fire Season and a photo from work. That M is from a freebie set that Ali released last year, but they are now available as part of her Circles of Life set. The "One Little Week" can be found here.

The pockets on the right side of the page hold details from Tuesday. Two 3x4 photos and a 4x6 card. That card with 200 on it makes the remaining 200 days until our own wedding.

I didn't want all of the days' photos all together. As the week went on, I ended up with more and more photos. I had left over plastics from making inserts and used a tiny flap with two 3x4 pockets. The front had a photo with an Ali Edwards and Xyron overlay and a gridded journaling card with the details from Tuesday.

Wednesday Custom Made Pocket and half of Design C

The photos for Wednesday started on the backside of the two pocket flap I made for Tuesday. It held the details card for the day. Opposite of the flap is half of a Design C style page holding three 4x6 photos. The last is two 3x4 photos on the same canvas in Photoshop with another overlay from the AE/Xyron freebie. 

Thursday Half of Design C

The backside of the cut down design C page. This day was very straight forward. Another details card, and more Circles of Life details.

somehow this photo got all washed out
Friday Modified Design C

Saturday resulted in so many pictures. Not only was it Week in the Life, but also a wedding. The wedding was out of town so we made it a mini vacation weekend. Dinner out on Friday and then heading out early to the wedding.

To accomodate the photos I ended up with, I made two inserts from a Design C style pages and washi tape. I kept the landscape 4x6 pockets on one side and cut the others to 3x4. I used two different sized tapes since I wanted one to stick out further than the other.

Saturday Two Modified Design C

The fillers and embellishments are more of the same, but I did have 3 "inserts" for Saturday. It started for the backside of the Friday page. The first photos were from our day before getting to the wedding.

To separate the normal day from the wedding, I added the couple's wedding invitation. It was printed on both sides and I slipped it into another pocket I made myself from a 6x8 page and the edge was closed off with more washi tape. The top had a little extra space and to prevent the invite from slipping out, I stapled a SMASH tab right to the top. 

The first side is all photos from the wedding that have the bride and groom. I made another 4x6 photoshop canvas with two 3x4 photos for the top image. Over the top I used another AE/Xyron overlay. Both photos were from the bride walking down the aisle. At the time, very few people showed photos of the groom's reaction. Thanks to Pinterest, everyone is doing it now.  Under that was both sides of them taking communion together. The one from the front is from their photographer Michelle Koechle.

The backside of the second Saturday page has some of my favorite photos from the reception. I paired similar pictures together. The top two are from dinner. The middle are from the cake cutting and dessert. The last are from the very end of the night. They had a sparkler send off and there was a fire dance. Over the photo of the tent is an Elise Joy stamp with lousy gold ink.

Sunday Design A

Another straight forward day. We stopped to sightsee on the way home from the wedding. Unlike the other days, I added a folded journaling card about the hotel we stayed at in addition to the details card. The bottom photo has another Elise Joy stamp.

Wow, that was a lot of photos of photos. Thanks if you got this far!

Project Life 2012 general supplies: Binders, plastics, and 3x4 gridded journaling cards via the Becky Higgins Amazon StorefrontElise Joy stamps. Zig Dual Tipped Pen Black. StazOn Black Ink. Gold Freckled Fawn Airmail washi tape. Recollections washi tape. SMASH Paper Tab. Paislee Press 2012 Calendar Cards.

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