Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Currently: May

waking up earlier than ever now that summer is here.
transitioning (slowly) to the new normal for this time of year.
feeling the difference in a summer before a wedding and summer with no big plans.
wishing for this feeling more often.
knowing I will soon be wishing for more to do as Berkeley spends more nights away from home.
acting as a webmaster.
embracing the learning curve.
spending more days away from home while taking on this new responsibility.
not sleeping well through the night.
celebrating a special friend's birthday.
listening to old favorites on a Pandora station that Berkeley dubbed High School Radio Hour.
not looking forward to Berkeley leaving so soon again. 
excited  the crew will be getting their new engine!
obsessing over Blue Meth doughnuts and the possibility of Berke bringing one home for me this week.
can't believe it has been almost a year since the accident
eating the same lunch almost everyday.
drinking iced green tea every day and not drinking soda.
enjoying quiet mornings with the windows open before traffic picks up.
loving the stability of living in the same place for over two years now.
still going to be looking forward to finding a bigger place in November.
watching One Tree Hill during the day (head hung in shame) and Arrested Development with Berkeley at night
noticing an annual lull in this space right around May and June.
hoping to be better.
remembering space is officially three years old now. Where has the time gone?
loving light and the subtle changes this word has brought me so far this year.

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