Monday, August 8, 2011

Week In The Life

This year I am participating in Ali Edwards' Week In The Life photo project. Every day for a week you take photos documenting your everyday week. I am really intrigued by this. Hopefully, it will increase my photo taking as well as better my skills. So everynight for this week expect a picture post for that each evening as my schedule permits. Also next week, I will show a post or two on how I pulled all of the thoughts together to tell this week's story. Here are my favorites of the Monday photos and the words to go with it.

7.25.11 Woke up early to a beautiful morning. Enjoyed a few peaceful minutes in the morning before the morning routine started. We enjoyed pancakes for breakfast and got to work, getting BK to work. He left around 7:15am. I spent the morning doing the normal blog reading/writing, email checking and general computer tasks. Around 11, I started lunch which was a grilled three cheese sandwich and a mug of potato soup. The weather has been so refreshing that I took the opportunity to enjoy lunch outside. After eating, I finished addressing and sealing the invitations for Sam's bridal shower. I ran out of stamps, and while I was getting ready to head downtown, an intense thunderstorm hit town. I waited a bit before heading out. In the rush of making sure the invitations were safe from the weather and grabbing my own jacket, I left my camera at home. I stamped and sent off all 40 envelopes, then wandered downtown. I returned home a short bit before BK got home. We headed out to Granny's Closet for a simple dinner and ended the day with a trip to Target for some essentials.

I ended up with 60 photos and took well over 100. I hated most of them from the moment I took them and deleted them right away. I am gonna try not to do that tomorrow.

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