Friday, May 4, 2012

Week in the Life 2012 Recap

April 23 to April 29 was the chosen week for Week in the Life. Overall, I felt I was better about documenting the days compared to last year. I also think I got better quality pictures than last year as well. Here is a compilation of my favorite pictures from Monday the 23rd through Friday the 27th.


 Since the weekend held a lot of events and travel, there were a ton more pictures. I will post those separately. Some will be in hotel and restaurant reviews. It was a nice week transitioning between the "off season" and the start of fire season. 

I am slowly trying to work all of these pictures into my Project Life. Despite not posting about it, I have really been keeping up with it. It is easy and simple. Since everything is in a plastic page, taking pictures of the layouts is still a hassle. It is SO reflective! I am working on it though.

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