Monday, December 3, 2012

Around Here in November

November was a full and busy month. We definitely filled both the length and width of this month.

Berkeley finally finished his season with the Forest Service. This resulted in a loss in lots of hair! First his head hair then came the taking down of the "face pelt".

I made sure to make a mad dash towards the finish line with wedding crafts and diy projects. The race was going well between watching the news and exchanging twitter jokes on Election Tuesday. That was until we went to get in bed when I injured my foot.

It was fine because that Saturday I promised the rest of my life to my best friend :) I had a wonderful time and I could not have asked for a better wedding. We were surrounded by amazing people. We laughed, danced, smiled, cried, and took lots of pictures.

We started our Honeymoon with Red Cups from Starbucks. They ALWAYS spell his name wrong. I got Pumpkin Spice, he got Salted Caramel and surprised me with a Cranberry Bliss Bar.

We spent the next two weeks on the road. The first stop being Disneyland and California Adventure!

Christmas time at Disney with my favorite person was magical!

We criss crossed back across the desert to Berkeley's parents place. Berkeley finally took me to El Guero Canelo for something I had been waiting to try for 4 years! (more on this later this week)

We had Thanksgiving in Tucson and Berkeley smoked the turkey again! It was a great day.

Before heading back to Flagstaff, we had a celebration dinner at Cafe Roka. This was a crazy month and I still cannot believe it is all over already. This year is flying by!

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