Thursday, November 29, 2012

Copycat Linkup Week 1

Today I am venturing into something rather new for me. I am participating in the Copycat Linkup with Carly of Texas Lovebirds and Mary at Trusty Chucks. I know what your thinking. "Ashley linking up with someone else's link party is nothing new". Am I right? Well the link up part isn't new. In fact I will be co-hosting one next week.

The new part comes with the content of this linkup. The idea behind Copycat is to find a "new" outfit (via inspiration from Pinterest, style site or blog, store mannequin, someone on the street, etc.) and copycat it to fit your personal life and closet! Then share it. You can see their first two weeks on Carly's blog here and Mary's blog here.

At first, I was struggling to find an outfit that I wanted to copy. I am pretty simple with my plain bottoms and t-shirt look. And to be completely honest, if I am not leaving the house, I spend most of the day in sweats. I was going to just recreate an outfit that is a favorite with those raspberry shorts I found late this summer. Content with that idea and an inspiration photo to match, I just so happened to pull up Pinterest to browse when I was hit with a totally awesome new outfit instead.

Photo from CelebStyle via Pinterest
I saw this collage of Jen Aniston with beau Justin Theroux in Paris. This outfit is right up my alley. Perfect! All of these pieces are more or less in my closet already. From a blazer and tank all the way down to the sneaks. I even have some similar accessories!

Blazer: Check. Cuffed Blue Jeans: Check. Sneakers: Check. Scarf: Check

Side by side comparison. Jen is sporting a navy double-breasted Balmain blazer with gold buttons, a white tank, cuffed jeans, white Superga sneakers, mirrored aviators, a brown bag, and a printed Balmain scarf. My outfit is a black Rue 21 blazer, white tank, cuffed Arizona brand jeans, black sparkle slip on Vans, and a black, white, and gray printed scarf.

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