Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was somewhat of an all weekend thing for us this year. If you couldn't tell by the posts last week, we spent Tuesday evening through Monday evening in Southern Arizona with Berkeley's parents and grandparents.

As previously mentioned, Berkeley was in charge of the turkey which meant our prep started on Wednesday. A lot of mise en place took place. We cleaned the bird. The brine got poured in the roasting bag. It was all sealed up and ready to sit in the cooler overnight. Then Berkeley decided he needed to reposition it all. That's when the bag caught on ice and ripped open. Brine and raw turkey juices splashed up all over me and part of the kitchen. It was a magical moment!

No big deal besides raw poultry on my person. More mise en place. More brine. And all was right as rain. Thanksgiving morning was spent milling around the house getting the rest of supper ready. We made pies, casseroles, and baked sweet potatoes while Berkeley smoked the turkey. It was a pretty busy morning.

Once the food was ready, we sat down for our Thanksgiving supper with Berke's parents and grandparents and shared stories. After Berkeley's grandparents made it home safely, we settled in for a few rounds of Marbles and adult beverages. It was a great holiday.

The rest of the weekend was spent touring Historic Homes and eating amazing food. I'll be posting about those things as well as making some posts about our Honeymoon trip to Disneyland!

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