Thursday, November 8, 2012

Murphy's Law

Have you ever heard the old adage
"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong"
More specifically, it is referred to as Murphy's Law. Well, I think it is safe to say that we have been a whole bunch of Murphy's Law lately. I think a lot of people say this as they are planning their weddings. Maybe it's arrogant and maybe it is egocentric to say, but I think we take this one.

Last year, I talked about my sister's scramble to find a new venue 65 days before her wedding. I that post I mentioned that I did not know how I could handle the added stress. Well I got to find out. If the car acting up last weekend and needing tow and repair wasn't bad enough, some crazy snow creating storm is headed straight for Northern Arizona. Except some forecasters are saying it's just supposed to be just cloudy with no precipitation.

So with barely 2 days before my wedding I am hobbling (see below) around feeling like a chicken with my head chopped off trying to find some kind of alternative in the event of snow!

To add to the wonderfulness of these changes, I am still fighting a cold/flu thing that has been having its way with me for two weeks. The icing on the mother of all shit storm cakes was the lovely little incident that occurred late Tuesday night. (warning: proceed with scrolling cautiously)

After staying up late on Tuesday to celebrate the results of local elections and the passing/failures of local initiatives, we headed to bed. I had grabbed an extra blanket out of a small pile of clothes (I admit it my room's a tad bit disorganized). I stepped toward the edge of the bed when things went dark, my world spun a bit, as burning searing pain punched me in the gut. A pain that was really coming from my foot and not my gut at all (it's your last chance to turn back!).

Out of that aforementioned pile of clothes, the plug end of my iPod boombox thing had fallen when I was grabbing the blanket. The plug landed so that the prongs were facing directly up just waiting to mangle innocent feet. As you can see above, it sheared off a nice rectangular chunk from the arch of my foot. Berkeley has been amazing at taking care of me! Now, let's hope I can heal fast enough so that I can at least walk down the aisle!

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