Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Busy Bee

I realize I have been absent here. No new content here in almost two weeks. Things have been interesting and busy and crazy. I try to make it a point to not bring negative energy into this space. We have been experiencing some not so fun stuff, and every time I started a post for the past few days, I could feel the bad energy just mucking it all up. The result is about 10 half started blog posts that I am trying to edit and rewrite to post.

In the middle of all of that we have been busily helping some friends that are getting married this upcoming weekend. Wine tastings, bridal showers, and lots and lots of wedding crafting. It has been a blast helping someone else with all of the fun decorative details of their wedding. More on all of this later.

This past weekend we hosted Berkeley's parents here in Flagstaff. Their arrival gave me a bite in the butt last week and I started reorganizing my little craft corner (before they got here). During the holidays, the area just got destroyed! Additionally, I think the funk I have been feeling has settled into that little area so cleaning it up has given me more desire to work on the projects I have going.

As far as projects go, I have been keeping up steadily with Project Life. I love the documentation of our lives this album has allowed me. I have it down to my own process and I like it that way. I just need to find a way to share it here without it involving too much extra work. I am still trying to find a nice place to photograph with the best natural light.

Now that I have given a small recap of our lives here some current and future stuff. Today is the first day of Fire Season for Berkeley and we have 200 days left until the wedding. It is also the first day of Ali Edwards' Week in the Life documentation project. I participated last year and I am working on it this week as well. I plan to have those posts up next week in a manner similar to my post about Day in the Life back in February.

So lots to look forward to. Things to work on. Things to keep me busy. So much wedding is happening as it closes in on the 6 month mark. With Fire Season starting, unfortunately, that means more alone free time and more time to blog.

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