Monday, February 13, 2012

A Day in the Life: 2/8-2/9

I have joined in with Ali Edwards and other bloggers like Elise Joy, and Amy Tangerine in documenting a day in my life. While many people probably are going to be posting one day, I was aiming for two days. Right now, my week is split up into days that revolve around school, and days the revolve around work. Even a few days where it is a little bit of both. Here is a dump of the photos and some of the writing to go along with what takes place during the average day.
note: above graphic is a free digital element from Ali Edwards

I wake up and I am out of bed most days by 7am. I take a quick look to see what the weather is looking like. Even though it is winter, it has been pretty mild.
A little blog reading. A little blog writing. A little tweeting.
I slowly start pulling myself together for the day. I have a pretty low key morning routine.
Sometime between 7 and 8am, Berkeley wakes up. And we figure out breakfast. Both Wednesday and Thursday it was a bagel with crunchy peanut butter. One of my favorite things!
Depending on if I am going straight to work or school, we leave between 8:30 and 9am. It has been beautiful the last few days. Even though it was supposed to snow, the sun has been shining. Even the peaks are lacking a nice layer of powder.

Wednesdays are usually work first. Thursdays are school first.
By the afternoon, I am usually in a full work mode. Stocking, running the register, making customers happy. Or trying to at least.

Most days I am home by 3 or 4. Quick change into comfy clothes. I spend the rest of the afternoon/early evening talking with Berkeley, working on Homework, and watching something on TV.
Wednesday before dinner we headed downtown for an impromptu shopping date. We purchased tickets for the BrewHaHa and just spent time alone walking around downtown Flagstaff. Thursday we settled in for a in home movie date!
Most nights end with more reading or blogging with some tv and chit chat. One last check in with the google reader and twitter and sometimes I make sure I have everything ready for my next blog posts to go live. After all of that, it is lights out usually around 10 or 11pm.
So there it is. A little window into my life right now! I used Ali Edwards' Daily Sheets that were made for Week In The Life. I keep most of those observations to myself because there was some personal stuff in there and some work stuff that is not suitable for the blog.

Looking back, I have seen that most of my days have been centered around school. While I do keep up with Blogland, I haven't been crafting as often as I like. My work schedule this upcoming week is a little bit lighter so I am hoping to get some projects done. Get some organizing taken care of and get some wedding planning underway. I love this window into my life for me. it is a reminder of how my time is being used.

PS I linked up with Ali Edwards' post about her Day in the Life. If you clicked through from her site, Thank You for stopping by! Click around and stay awhile!

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