Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WW//Wine, and Glass, and Crafting. Oh My!

Lately, I have been doing a lot of wedding stuff. Which has included some late night crafting. Most of the work has been for a wedding other than my own. Gala and Tad, another young couple from the church congregation, are getting married on the 28th. We were lucky enough to be invited and I have been offering my helping hands and crafting knowledge to help get to the finish line.

So far there has been delicious wine and food tastings, showers, and lots of crafting. We have been making tissue paper pom poms, and helping with their centerpieces. Gala designed some awesome arrangements using wine bottles, wooden rounds, and candles. These centerpieces are amazingly beautiful!
Gala showed us how to break the bottom off of the bottle by alternating hot and cold water along a score mark. First you mark where you want the cut, second you take a glass cutter and run it along the marked line. Lastly you run a stream of boiling hot water followed by a stream of ice cold water. The shock between the two temperatures causes a fracture. The broken end was then sanded. And Voila! To get more air into the bottles, she had us arrange a bunch of vinyl "feet" on the wood rounds to set the bottles up on. They turned out great! I am so excited for this couple and their upcoming wedding!

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