Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fiesta Birthday Invitations

The last two months have been ridiculously crazy! I am finally getting around to posting things I meant to share in April and May. I plan on sharing more about his big party later on but today it is all about my favorite paper project thus far. If you have been here any amount of time, you know I love designing and creating invitations and paper products for various events (our wedding invitation suite and Save the Date,  and this past year's Christmas invites).

I love these so much! Fiestas are my favorite party theme. The food is great, and the colors are bright, and it provides the opportunity to have such a great but relaxed atmosphere. I wanted that reflected in our invitations. I think that I achieved that.

I had originally wanted a flat 5x7 invitation but when I couldn't find the right envelope, I decided to repurpose some leftover Thank You cards I've had for a long time. Not only am I busting through my stash but it was easier and more cost effective to do this than the 5x7's. I also had a lot more fun!

For all the information needed on these invites, I created images and then printed them at home on plain white card stock.

To add the fringe, I took an approach similar to those Pyramid PiƱatas I made a few years back. I purchased a few rolls of colored crepe paper (party streamer rolls) to make the fringe. I also used these streamers for garlands for decorating as well. I used about 3 rows for each color layer so I made a 15 inch length of fringe in every color for each invitation.

To make the fringe take about 15 inch length of the crepe paper, add a thin line of glue or adhesive down the middle and fold in half top to bottom so the dimension is 15in by 1 inch (see image above). Then fold in half end to end a few times. This will make it easier and take less time to cut the fringed edge. For me, I ended up with piece roughly 2.5 inches by 1 inch. On the unfolded, unglued edge, cut upwards to make the fringe about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Then unfold to the original length of 15 inches.

Next comes the layering on the invite itself. I measured out 5 inches and used permanent adhesive and attached it to the paper so that the fringe was a smidge from the bottom of the invite. Cut another 5 inches and add so the fringe ends right above the fringe of the bottom layer. Add your third layer. Then repeat with the remaining colors. For these, I started with three layers of yellow, then three layers of red and finished with 3 layers of green. The front was finished by adhering the card stock piece.

For the inside, I covered the bottom piece with white crepe paper and then layered it with card stock that has the party information on it. Once it was all dried, I stuffed them in the envelopes and sent them on their way!

This was a really quick and inexpensive way to get birthday party invite out! Also, it is versatile for any type of fiesta. If you decide to try this kind of invite, let me know! I would love to see.

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