Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday//The Official Save the Date

By this point all of our Save the Dates are out into the world! Huzzah! Another things getting checked off the list. I promised and promised that I would show everyone the final decision. So here it is. Also, I am throwing a little price breakdown.
In February, I posted about the three postcard fronts that we were considering at the time. We settled on the third one from that post. The graphic I got for free from Wedding Chicks. They have a ton of different free download options for wedding related stuff. As well as tutorials, and project ideas.

At Wedding Chicks, you supply all of the important information and it generates an image for you to save and print off. I went with the Mason Jar suite. The image I was given had the mason jar and some other details. Instead of using just the base image they gave me, I cropped out the mason jar and that was the front of our Save the Date.

Originally, the image was just the jar outline on a white background. It was somewhat blah and it didn't catch your eye. Using the background fill tool on Photoshop, I just added a nice neutral color. The color of the text inside of the jar is listed as deep merlot and was provided by Wedding Chicks.

The back of the postcard took a lot more work and playing around than the front. The back started with the second half of the base image I got from Wedding Chicks. I cropped out the bracket and then set it to the top of the back of the postcard. The suite also had some other details for the back of the card. I used bits and pieces from Wedding Chicks' suite to create the details for my postcard style. I also added some of my own touches. I played around for a few hours rearranging, changing colors, resizing and fiddling until it looked the way I wanted. The finished product came out like this:

All in all we spent a total of approximately $25. I will add that I used a coupon code with Shutterfly. I printed them as 4x6 prints. I paid around $8 for 110 prints. Then it was another $16 for postcard postage. Some people get trivial about adding manpower and supplies to their list of costs for DIY-ing. I had tape and a roller sitting around that I had purchased previously with a gift card. If you include that, I would say the total would be closer to $30. But really 55 4X6 color Save The Dates mailed at $30 is quite a deal!

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