Monday, November 23, 2015

Handmade Christmas Invitations

One of the best things about living in a real house, as opposed to an apartment, is having reasonable space to host holidays for my rather large family. This year, we are hosting Christmas! And, to kick things off I wanted to make some handmade invitations.
All the materials and supplies I used were things I had here already. I'm in a bit of a "stash busting" season currently so it worked out perfectly. I started with a few sheets of an off white 12x12 piece of cardstock. I used a simple tree rubber stamp and a few shades of green and stamped a random "pattern" all over the page. Then I cut the paper to approximately 5.5in x 8inches and scored them so that the pattern was on the inside of the card.
Next, on a 5.5x4 pieces of subtly patterned paper, I used the same tree stamp to stamp trees in a row using the different inks. Then I got to work writing out the greeting. After all the trees were stamped and the writing was done, I adhered these front pieces onto the folded cardstock. On the inside, a little stamped and cut out banner label and more handwriting with all the details in black pen. I played around with a few different styles of writing.
After the cards were done, I had to figure out some kind of envelope. Again, I really wanted to use just what I had on hand but I didn't have any envelopes that reasonably fit. So I made them. We had a ton of brown paper sacks leftover from our wedding. It was as simple as measuring the length needed, stitching one end, putting in the invitation, and stitching the other end. I trimmed the excess, addressed and stamped them and sent them out.

So that's it! A small pile of handmade invitations done in a few hours time. It was a simple project that had a big impact that has me totally pumped for the holidays! I am so excited to have our new home filled with our loved ones this Christmas!

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