Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weekly Links 11/14

Today is the last day of moving! Hurray. Kind of. We hand over our old keys by the end of business today so it is an all of nothing blitzkrieg of cleaning and tying up loose ends. Here are some pretty rad things I have found the last few weeks.

Holidays are in the air and Thanksgiving is on my mind. This year we plan on hosting The Easiest Thanksgiving Ever!

Decorating this new space has been taking up a huge part of my brain. I love these DIY wreaths and the string art table runner from this wedding.

I always thought my family was pretty normal until I met the families of my college friends. It is probably because I have far too many titles from this list.

Wondering how to feed all those houseguests and knock the socks off their feet at the same time? This Breakfast Mac n Cheese might do the trick!

I know Halloween was so last month but this is probably the best costume I have seen from this year. I wish I could find the original link for though!

I love this 2014 Love Quotes Calendar.

Lately, I have been considering getting a tattoo. After seeing this collection of tattoo artists, I want to cover my whole body!

Lusting over these boots, this tee, and this jacket.

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