Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer 2013 Bucket List

Last month, I made a small bucket list (as seen above) as part of a National Scrapbooking Day challenge. After thinking about it, my list has gotten longer and, in my opinion, more exciting!

Summer Goals:
  1. Visit my parents and siblings in California at least once.
  2. Take a camping trip.
  3. Hike the entire Elden Lookout Trail.
  4. Eat at 3 of the restaurants on the Flagstaff Bucket List
  5. Ride SkyRide at SnowBowl.
  6. Visit the creek as many times as possible.
  7. Finish 4+ titles from my reading challenge.
  8. Try more 3+ mile hikes. 
  9. Visit Hallie and Ava at least once.
  10. Take more photos.
  11. Do a clean and purge.
  12. Put the wedding album together.
  13. Grow patio tomatoes.
  14. Celebrate our 5 years!
  15. Play pool often.
  16. Make some great baby gifts for lots of pregnant friends.
  17. Host a BBQ!
  18. Finish the shop relaunch.
  19. Go fishin'
  20. Finish our bedroom gallery wall.
  21. Be better this season.
  22. Enjoy it.
Since some of these are more than just single events or activities, I am making it more of a summer goals list.  I really want to enjoy as much as this summer as possible! Do you have a list of goals or activities you want to accomplish each summer?

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