Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Picazzo's Review

When I posted the pictures of my April Day in the Life documentation, I got a lot of comments about how delicious our dinner looked. What was it? Where was it from? Was it as delicious as it looked?

I wish I could report that it was amazing, but I can't. We stopped there for dinner while Berkeley's parents were in town. His dad can't have gluten and they advertise gluten free pizza crust. They shared a medium GF pizza and Berkeley and I both got pasta and shared a salad.

We visited on a Saturday in the early evening and there were plenty of open tables and what seemed to be quite a few waiters there. We thought we had beat the dinner rush. From the time we ordered to receiving just our salads was nearly 45 minutes. We waited another 30 minutes for the entree.

My Spinach cannelloni was served on a dish that was piping hot. So hot I nearly seared my hand because the waiter did not bother to warn me. I was still excited because it looked fabulous. I slowly cut up my dish to help it "cool off a little". The ends were gooey and warm so I took a few bites hoping that the flavors were going to be okay. They weren't. The spinach and cheese filling was bland. As I got closer to the center, it was harder to cut through with just my dinner knife. They were completely frozen in the middle! My salad was warmer than most of my dinner. That is pitiful.

I was also hoping that maybe it was just my dinner. While mine was the only one still frozen, Berkeley's ravioli was not anything spectacular either. On the upside, Berkeley's parents liked their pizza. Normally, I try to see the silver lining when it comes to eating out. I was in food service and I understand that things can happen. Unfortunately for them, frozen food is never okay and for me there was no silver lining! We will not be returning. There are plenty of other places in Flagstaff that serve better pizzas and pastas at a better price with better service. In short our money, and yours too, would be better spent somewhere else. 

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