Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wedding Wednesday//2 Months To Go!

Yes it is another Wedding Wednesday on a Thursday! Tuesday left me a little drained so I didn't get in the blog writing mood. That date always leaves me a little off. But in happier news, we are right in the 2 month mark. Tuesday was also the official 60 days to the wedding. I am so incredibly excited about it!

We are currently in the middle of nailing down the little details, making bridesmaid bouquets, and finishing my bouquet. There are some things that are more important than others, but they also require Berkeley's input (yes he is STILL gone) Also, the fun part of wedding planning, i.e.: pre-wedding parties and girl's nights with my ladies, is right around the corner! In fact, one is coming up next weekend.

Last week, I drove down to Phoenix to have my first fitting. That was an experience in itself! There were about ten women in a small little area of mirrors, platforms, and lights. One other woman was getting her wedding gown altered that day. She had 3 women helping her, pinning her, and taking notes! Her dress was AMAZING! I wish I could have gotten photos, but being poked, prodded, and pinned makes it had to get photos.

Hopefully, Berkeley will get home soon and we can get more and more done this month! This week's post is pretty boring, but next week is gonna be awesome as I will be sharing what is sitting in that box in the picture above; our invitation suite. Right now, the last of the stragglers are making their way through the USPS. I want some things to be a surprise so they will get posted next Wednesday. Don't want to wait? The sneak peek is here. Our matching Save the Date cards can be found here.

Speaking of next week, I am leaving the same day that the invitations will post for a trip to California! I am hoping to have some guest posts lined up since we all know that posting while I am on the road doesn't happen smoothly. Maybe Berkeley will even make an appearance on the blog as well!

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