Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prescott Resort and Conference Center

Back in April, we attended a wedding the weekend after the first week of Fire Season. Not knowing how active Berkeley would be this year, we took the opportunity to make a mini vacation out of it and booked a hotel room for the night instead of driving home after the wedding.

I booked the King Suite as part of the wedding block at Prescott Resort and Conference Center. I am not gonna go into much detail since the pictures show the best parts of the suite. The Bedroom! Let me just say it was one of the nicest rooms I have ever stayed in!
View from the balcony
Bathroom and Vanity area
The bedroom area
The closeup of the bed
The bed was amazing. It was pillowy soft, but firm enough to support us wonderfully. I love love love that large blue pillow. I wanted to bring it home. The tan, brown, and teal blue decor was relaxing and calming. Also loved those bedside lamps. 

One area not shown in the pictures was the sitting room area when you first walk into the suite. There was a leather couch and chairs, a desk, and another TV. We spent no time in there but it was nice, especially if there were more people staying in the room. It provided extra space for other activities if we were true tourists/travelers and were staying for long periods of time.

The hotel had all of the usual amenities like a pool, restaurant, and lounge. We did not use any of those features. We did visit their cafe. It was a cute little place and the staff was friendly.

We mostly just spent our time relaxing in the room. Berkeley was happy to have cable to watch a hockey game before we left for the wedding. It was so comfortable and welcoming. It was really nice to have a little "vacation" time together before the craziness of fire season started.

If we ever were to need somewhere to stay in the Prescott area, we will definitely be staying at the Prescott Resort and Conference Center again!

As mentioned previously, we were in town solely for a wedding so we did not spend a lot of time there. The surrounding area is beautiful though. More pictures of the area can be found in the latter half of my 2012 Week in the Life post and the post about the wedding

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