Monday, May 7, 2012

Jackson Klein Wedding

Saturday April 28th was the wedding celebration for our friends Gala and Tad. It was such a fun and beautiful wedding! And all the crafting turned out great. I am so glad we could help them. I am even happier and feeling more blessed that we were able to spend their special day with them!

All week I tried to have camera in hand as I participated in Week In The Life. While I got quite a few shots Monday through Friday, I got exponentially more over the weekend. Events do that to you. As promised here is a compilation of my favorite photos from the wedding. I will probably have at least two more posts from the weekend trip as a whole. One with a hotel review, and one about our day trip to Jerome, Az. Lots of photos!


So there is roughly 20 out of nearly 300 pictures that I took that weekend. That number includes pictures of the drive to Prescott, the hotel we stayed in, the wedding itself, and our day trip to Jerome the next morning. All of these additional photos can be found on my personal Facebook page. Michelle Koechle was the official photographer for their wedding and you can see her public pictures from their day here.

I really think my knowledge and understanding of my camera and using the natural lighting has grown. I think my pictures have been getting better. I still have moments where I can't make our camera do what I want it to. I also realize that I don't have the fancy cameras everyone else has or the special lenses that make it easier to get desired shots, but I am getting there! The most important thing is just to accept growth!
Before the happy couple left, the best man showed off his talents with a Poi performance. so I am ending this post with a video of his performance. It was pretty cool!

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