Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday//Wedding Party App

In the 20 or so months we have been engaged, we have been to quite a few weddings. We have also known plenty of people to get married as well. Although they all have been different styles, locations, and amounts of guests, there has been one thing that is common between all of them. In the weeks and months following their weddings, I have heard several renditions of the same sentiment: "I know (insert name here) took fun pictures at my wedding with their iPhone, I wonder if I will ever see them".  Determined to not be worried about it, I have been keeping an eye out for something for us.

About a month ago, I read a post on some wedding blog about an app you can download and set up to coordinate with your wedding guests. From that app, guests could post their favorite pictures to a site and choose to share on other social networking sites. The bride and groom then had the options to sync their entire account to their networking site of choice and have all the pictures from everyone in one place.

I loved this idea until I read the fine print. They wanted a fee. A dollar per app download and a base fee starting at roughly $100 for the service and site hosting for a year. Yeah no thanks!

Yesterday, I saw another feature on the Wedding Chicks blog for an app that receives wedding photos in real time and sorts and uploads them and everyone can view them at a single website. At first I thought it was the same service until I saw my favorite 4-letter word; FREE!

I read on and soon I found myself creating our account and setting it up to start collecting photos! I know, I know: Nerd Alert!
I could go and repeat the listed attributes from the Wedding Chicks article that intrigued me, but I won't since you can go there and read yourself. Also since we are just starting it, I don't have a complete review of the service and app. I will, however, give you the details on how to download our app and set up your own app for your wedding.

First, if you are interested in downloading the app for our wedding all you have to do is search "WeddingParty" in the app store. When it asks for the wedding name type in "ashandberke". You are all set and you can upload any wedding related photos you would like! Also for those that don't have iPhones, or can't make the wedding, and want to join in on the fun, all of the pictures can be viewed at our personalized website.

Looking to set up your own app? Visit sign up and create your page. It honestly took me less than 5 minutes to get everything put in and set up. Viola! It is all ready to go, spread the word and start collecting photos!

Meanwhile on Facebook:

HAHAHA I love our family! I posted a picture for a look we were going for with the Groomsmen and told them to not be concerned about a tie. This was our Best Man's response and their childhood friend/my bridesmaid's answer to him. 

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