Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Wednesday//Bridesmaid Invite

You all know how much I love Elise Blaha Cripe and the things she creates. I have been following her blog for some time now and even attended a workshop of hers. She is a totally rad and awesome person! I first found Elise's blog when I googled Bridesmaid invites and found her version. I am in love. That was almost a year ago, I have seen so many other ideas and I still love them. They were clean and simple, but also colorful and unique. Last summer, I started the process of creating my own with a mix of those impulse invitations I ordered last year and also incorporating some of the ideas Elise used in her version but more suited for Berkeley and I. I am not looking to copy hers because I love how unique her idea is.

I borrowed Elise's idea of different inner cards with varying information on them. I love that she wrote out a promise to be as much of her same awesome self as possible. She also added a contact sheet and a card of obligations/expectations. It is such a genius idea! I know we are all adults and we all should know how to behave at weddings. If my sister's wedding was any indication, sometimes people's ideas of their obligations as a bridesmaid are different than the bride's expectations. Mostly it was an outline of events that each person is expected to be at ie: rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.

While we have a particular color scheme, we don't really have a theme or a look we are shooting for. We are hoping to capture a warm and comfortable vibe by mixing in all sorts of reds and purples. Each of the people in our wedding party have their own personal style and that is why we love them! To celebrate each person's individuality, I am letting each girl pick their own dress and added a small inspiration board with dress styles and colors that go with the color palette (to the right). I printed these at a custom size via shutterfly with a matte finish. They were then cut down and added to the back of one the other inner cards.

Wedding Wednesdays have been all over the place the past few months (speaking of which check out the new banner). Sometimes no posts for a month or two and sometimes a bunch of posts. It may be quiet but things are bubbling up and getting done behind the scenes. The list of completed tasks keeps getting longer! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

Wanna know what also makes me excited like a little school girl? Each of my bridesmaids have been asked and are ecstatic to be involved. That, in turn, makes me beyond happy. I am so glad to have such amazing ladies by my side throughout this journey.

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