Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//Kick off Post

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday everyone! I am on a high from Zumba class so I am gonna hit the ground running. Speaking of Zumba, it has become part of my weight loss plan. The last year or so, I have let myself go. I stopped exercising, and my diet has been out of whack! So in my last semester of undergrad I am taking advantage of fact that tuition covers PE type classes and signed up for Zumba. Boy is it a workout. I left the gym dripping and sweat. So far I am not too terribly sore, but I will reevaluate that feeling in the morning.
For this post, we are gonna focus on a few announcements. First our wedding date is tentatively set for November 10, 2012! Yes we set our date. I put emphasis on tentatively because this may change. I don't want it to change but we haven't decided on a location yet so it may change depending on when we decide and book the venues, we might not be able to get the date. So as it stands, all my plans will be geared toward a wedding on that date.

Now that the date is set, I can focus on other things, like papers, and fabrics, and flowers. The list can continue. Yesterday, I committed to our wedding party invites. Shutterfly sent me a coupon code and I got a set of 10 cards for free. The perfect amount of them to send to people in our wedding party. I browsed their listings thinking I wouldn't find anything I would like. Every time I look at invitations or save the dates ideas I don't see anything I think would represent us. Not this time.

The vintage woodblock styling of the letters is awesome and I love the colors. The wording I chose was so simple and friendly. I don't remember the specifics, nor do I want to post them just yet. When they get here, I plan on using a cutter to make them more rectangle than square. They would also fit better into the envelop pockets I plan on using. I know it is so so soon, but I made an impulse buy. I made a decision and we are officially planning our wedding!

This marks roughly 21 months until the big day. 21 months to get everything in order: colors, venues, food, money. If you ask my mother it is great that I am planning already. Others aren't as supportive of our decision to start this adventure. This week is the beginning, of the next 21 months, the 21 months until I am Mrs. Berkeley Krueger.

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