Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project Life update 1

Last week, I posted about choosing to switch to Project Life. When I opened the shipment from Amazon, honestly, I was a little overwhelmed. I never have embarked on full page scrapbooking. It always seemed like a huge task. I was on the minibook wagon because I liked the ease of putting one picture in and having it be the focus.

So as I was going through all of the designs in from the Big Variety Pack, I was feeling that overwhelming feeling again. I briefly panicked and contemplated sending some of it back. I was that nervous! My excitement again took over and I was quickly sorting all of the pages by design. then hit the ground running. All of the pages got loaded into the binder starting with Design F for the opening page, I alternated with F, A, D, and C. I liked the look of the F design for my opening page, every other grouping will be A, D, and then F, follwed by C. It will be more apparent once I post more pictures. I put B and E designs away unless I need them specifically. Not my favorites. Anyways, here is my opening page and the week of Jan 1 through 8.
General Overview of the opening page. It is pretty straight forward. Design F page a 4X6 title card, and the rest are 3X4. The papers are all from Michaels. I believe most of them were clearanced out last week. I got lucky that they were all like 9 cents a page and went well the colors I like to use.
Two very recent photos of us. The one of BK is from New Years Eve. The one of me on New Years Eve was horrendous, so I picked a different one. Like this one much better. Since this photo was taken, I went back and added an A and a B on each of the patterned papers next to our photos. Upper right hand corner I added some journaling about where we were at the beginning of 2012.
Bottom row closeup. The One Little Word graphic is from Ali Edwards. It was designed as the class blog button. I added it to the opening page because I will be adding OLW to this project. I think it will help the whole concept behind OLW be more present by keeping it in open sight everyday. On the far right is a business card. It was originally in my OLW minibook as well, hence the grommet in the corner. The lower right corner is just another plain paper.

Since I was late in starting, I decided that I would only do one page for each week prior to doing the switch. Many just continue with one page for one week until I get better about taking pictures and saving scraps. Week 1 page overview. Another straightforward layout. Lots of pictures from New Year's. The upper right hand corner is from us right after we watched the pinecone fall!
Using the same papers as the opening page is probably going to be a theme throughout. The number one I did freehand. I painted it with some silver metallic acrylic paint. Before it was completely dry, I sprinkled Martha tinsel glitter over it. Then covered it all with modge podge. Staples were added. Dates were stamped. The Jan and border are from Ali Edwards via Designer Digitals. I printed it on off white/ivory cardstock then wrote with a Zig pen.
Like I said, lots of New Years pictures. Lower right hand corner is just a summation of some the stuff going on for the week. I wrote it with the same Zig pen on 3X4 gridded journaling cards from Becky Higgins. Lower left hand corner is a graphic I made in Photoshop. In the center is the backside of the business card from the opening page and a folded piece of patterned paper with some hidden journaling. And that wraps things up for now.

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