Friday, February 24, 2012

December Daily Pt 1

Finally! It is done! I put the last little tidbit of the holidays in just a few minutes ago. This book was a real struggle for me. The main reason, time! I just don't have the time to keep up with a daily story. I think I work best after I have the details in hand and I have a complete story to tell. This project was definitely a learning experience though. The holiday season is also a rough time to keep a project going due to travel and work. Anyways, without further ado, here is the first part of the book. I am thinking 7 or 8 page spreads for 3 posts specifically about December Daily and one more post about the rest of the holiday season. Keep a look out for those in the next few days.

I am starting where the first little sneak peak post left off.
December 4 is a large picture and the recipe for Cranberry Salsa. I wrote the recipe right on to the green cardstock using a fine point Sharpie.
This little guy was an added after thought. I noticed I had quite a few recipes throughout the whole holiday minibook. The cookies already had a tab, so I added some to the other tabs to the other recipes throughout. I love the way it looks. This tab came from a 12 pack from SMASH. Just stapled and wrote on there.
Day 5 we played with some silly cold weather experiments. Did you know bubbles can freeze? Lots of papers in this spread. The background is a page that came with the base journal. The lined paper is Recollections with gold Jelly Roll ink. Tab is glitter paper and discontinued thickers I have had FOREVER.
We bought some cheapo bubbles and ran back and forth inside and outside on one of the coldest days of the year trying to get these to damn things to work. Finally, it came out right.
On the back of the bubble page, I just journaled with ball point black ink. The underline is a Zig marker. The tab is a Christmas foil paper. The other page of the spread came with the base journal. I used a small amount of tape and then stitched the three sides.
This spread was made entirely from a pastry bag from Starbucks. For some reason, I am absolutely in love with their winter seasonal menu. The tab is just a red cardstock. In alternating colors I wrote out some of those offerings. Besides the apparent gold, I used a brown fine point writing pen from Martha Stewart, and a bright red fine point Sharpie. It shows up better in person. I used the same pens to write and underline the journaling. The paper is the backside of a paper called "Dont Feed the Bears". So that is it for now. I should have more posts in the coming days.

A new thing I am going to do is list the tools and supplies used for each update. I hope it helps! The links should redirect to a page from which you can purchase the materials if you so choose. have any questions, feel free to ask!

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