Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday//Sedona Bridal Fun Rnd 2

Last year, we ventured down the canyon to Sedona to attend the Sedona Bridal Fair at Poco Diablo resort. We were overwhelmed with all the information and how classless some people are to try to make a sale, but it was a good time. More about my experience last year here. Now that we are closer to the date, we thought headed down to the fair was going to be more beneficial. We were only halfway right.

I went down there with a plan. Speak directly to vendors that had sparked my interest last year, and most importantly speak with the caterers that are on the preferred list for catering at Tlaquepaque. Instead of just sticking with the one fair, we went with two. The first was the same as last year at Poco Diablo. It seemed a lot more disorganized than last year. It seemed thrown together and many of the booths were tight and it was hard to get any information if other people were browsing the booth as well. The only people I really spoke with were the representative from Tlaquepaque and some other vendors I was not interested in. Also, It is trivial but, 90% of the food that was supposed to be warm was cold. I was greatly disappointed.The second location was Sedona Bridal Boot Camp. It was put together by Showstoppers. It was an interesting layout and had a good concept. Instead of just cramming as many vendors into the space available as possible, they had it more spread out. They are had a few presentations about various wedding related topics. It was borderline great. I wish they had a few more representatives from some of the vendors. We did get in contact with Katrina of Sedona Bride Photography. I am excited to announce that we really love their work!

I was so unenthusiastic about these fairs once we got there. Now, I am in a wedding planning slump. I am so burnt out. I just want to get it done and over with! I know it is going to be fun and a great night and all of this stuff is going to pay off, but I have definitely hit the wall.

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