Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//The Food

Part two of Sam's Sweet and Spicy Shower Recap we are talking about Food! If you missed the past few weeks, we are spending the next few Wednesdays dedicated to Sam's wedding! Our wedding plans haven't really been progressing yet, and as her wedding draws nearer (when this publishes there will be 30 days to go), the only wedding stuff in my life is her's, so it is only fitting.

We were blessed to have friends that were willing to let us throw the shower at their home and they cooked a sweet basil meat lasagna. We also had seasoned chicken skewers. My mom, little sister Megan and I also provided some additions to the edible lineup.

My mom prepared her version of my uncle's Spicy Artichoke! His dip is legendary, my mom's not so much (sorry Ma! You gave it your best shot). It was tasty, but not the same. Still good though. It definitely played into our theme. The recipe for this dip is kinda top secret filled with lots of cheese, artichokes and chilies! No healthy spinach in this dip. Instead of serving with the standard baguette slices, this was paired with pita chips!

My sister Megan made her own dish to add to the mix, her spin on Waldorf Lettuce Wraps. They were colorful and tasty! She made a chicken salad like mixture with celery, apples, and carrot. Then she piled it all onto lettuce leaves. It looked beautiful. The taste was clean and all the components complemented each other. Her wraps were so good, that I spent a whole weekend trying to recreate them!

Instead of purchasing a huge cake that had crazy decorations, I opted to make cupcakes! This decision was primarily based on the fact that Sam doesn't really like cake. On the off chance she does want cake, it is Funfetti that she enjoys. I made some sweet vanilla funfetti cupcakes. They were topped with a plain vanilla buttercream with spicy red and pink sugar sprinkles.

Next week will be the wrap up of Sam's shower stuff (unless I get questions in the comments/requests for more). And then it is full blown wedding craziness!

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