Friday, September 16, 2011

Little Things Friday: September 16

Recently, I started following From the Aisle to Aloha. Lindsay is such an inspiration and quite encouraging to me. She started a link-up party celebrating the little things in life! Lately, it has been the little things that have been getting me through the 14+ day details throughout the country Berkeley has been on.
Aisle to Aloha

This week has been great! Berkeley came home a day earlier than expected and my birthday was fantastic! This week I only have two that I am gonna blog about and they both have to do with Berkeley. I am quite excited he is home again! Maybe next week I will have other things and hopefully, they are not all BK-centric!

Early Mornings with Berkeley
Before the rush of the day starts... Before the traffic picks up and he has to rush to get ready and out the door... Before everything, I enjoy just laying there taking it all in with my very best friend.

This time of year, there are beautiful clouds and catch the sunrise just perfectly. The sky is a light blue with exciting oranges, pinks, and purples. If I were an artist, I would want to paint the sunrise every morning.

This calm and gorgeous environment is the just the right thing that makes laying there, especially after he has been gone, the best thing in the world. Sometimes it is only a few moments together, and sometimes it is hours. And a lot of mornings he is up and at it before I even get up. But rolling over, feeling him there as the sun starts to rise is one of my most favorite things.

Thursdays with Gretta
I have been babysitting our friends' daughter Gretta. She is a little under a year old and has one of the best personalities. She is so expressive and smart! While this takes up a major part of my day every week, this Thursday was different! Berkeley was able to go with me. Gretta hasn't seen Berkeley in close to 4-5 months, which has been half of her life this far! On Thursday, she was smitten with him. What's better is that she had him wrapped around her tiny little fingers.

As many know, BK is an only child, with not many other family members his age. He has never changed a diaper or really cared for a baby. Seeing him interact and play with her made my heart just melt. He was perfect. As if my baby fever wasn't bad enough already! My womb is aching LOL!

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