Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Mini Book Progress #4

I have been slacking on posting these updates!

The back of the fruit page I did some journaling about the events of the past few weeks which were in the previous pages. I moved this iridescent heart page up. I like the similar colors together.
The back of the heart page I printed a graphic of a poem I love. The 16th of June is our anniversary so the inner piece is the tag from a pair of hiking knickers I bought as BK's gift. The lace trim is from a skirt I made for our anniversary. Behind the tag is the back side of a textured paper. I added a graphic of an artichoke since that was what we had for dinner that night.
On the front of the page, I added a picture of Berkeley on a fire since he left 2 days after our anniversary for another dispatch. Facing it, I printed the general overview of Berkeley's job on the pea green/yellow scalloped page. I set up the text in Photoshop and then ran the page through.
On the back of the scalloped page I adhered a fire map of the Wallow Fire from the day Berkeley arrived there. Opposite was an experiment type page. The orange squiggle page came with the book. I printed some journaling on raspberry cardstock then adhered that to the page. To add another layer of detail, I made a plastic sleeve type thing based off of one of Elise's tutorials.
The back of the orange page was just plain white and I was having trouble figuring out what to put on there. Then another summer goal presented itself. I added some photos on there and hand wrote the titles this time instead of photoshopping it on. Afterward I trimmed the page down to fit inside the plastic and sewed it shut. On the teal textured page I just journaled using an opaque scrapbooking pen. The little tab is from a second book I bought from Elise. Stay tuned next week for some more updates!

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