Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer Mini Book Progress #6

I realize I am still barely breaking through July with these posts. I have so many things I want to get into these posts and the book, but I have no time. It has taken me FOREVER!

When the boys and Maggie got back from the Wallow, we celebrated the Fourth of July with a BBQ. I did a currently post that I ran through the printer. Facing it are some pictures of the day. The background was painted with some "metallic" red, white, and blue paints.

I backed the photos with a small calendar page that keeps track of my goals and happenings throughout the month. Facing that is a page I made using PS about our second try up Mnt Elden. The pictures were added in the same manner as a photo grid. I left the background plain photo paper and used the space for journaling. I just used a ZIG scrapbooking pen to write on the paper.

The back of the Mnt Elden page is another photo grid type page. Three photos from food we tried during "Date Week". Next to each photo is the name of the dish. In the center is the coaster from Rendezvous in the Hotel Monte Vista. I used a regular hole punch to make holes for the raffia to run through. On the back of the coaster I journalled some more about that week. Under that is a page talking about my summer goals. I just ran it through the printer.

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