Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//Lesson Learned

There are 24 days left until Sammy's wedding. That is roughly 3 and a half weeks away. I cannot believe how fast time has flown by! This year in particular has just sailed. BK's summer officially ends on the 8th of October and we will be leaving for California that weekend. Time is rolling by!

So for this weeks installment of Wedding Wednesday, I am gonna talk about a lesson I learned. The Importance of a Gift Registry! I know some people that think it is rude to provide a list of things they want, but after Sam's shower I am in full support of a well thought out and recently updated registry! Sammy got three blenders. That's right! THREE! And she even had an updated registry!

On the upside, Sam and Casey were gifted will all sorts of awesome things to start a home together. While Berkeley and I have already lived together, Sam and Casey still live with each of their parents. Sam has a studio apartment, but no kitchen so she still uses all of my parents gadgets. Thankfully, they gave her almost everything she needs for her own new home!

Of all the gift she opened that day, the 2 cup liquid measure resulted in the best comments of the whole shower with the most prim and proper photo. As my sister unwrapped the cup and proudly displayed it, someone from the background shouted "One girl, Two cups!" It was at this moment that I was thankful we decided on the Sweet and Spicy theme!

And because we have been asked already, Yes Berkeley and I have an updated, semi-complete registry already. You can find all of our items at and then we have Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond registry for the items specifically from those stores. We also have a roughly put together webpage as well. We are slowly getting it together!

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