Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things to Come

So I have had plenty of things on the to-do list that I have accomplished, but there are also plenty of things I have been putting off and more things added! Yikes! On the bright side, some of those things that have put aside are also things that have been altered or re-imagined. My busiest weeks of the summer are upon us. I need to get started on a lot of things before I head off for my real vacation.

Where to begin... Let's start with things that have been altered or taken on a new direction. The curtain project is no longer in effect! It hasn't been finished, it hasn't even been started really. Due to our utter disdain for the woman the owns and manages this property, we are not staying past our lease. Since we have less than 9 months left, we feel it would be stupid to put the money into making curtains we would either leave here or throw out because they probably will not fit a new place. So the new plan of action is a privacy screen! I briefly mentioned this project a few weeks ago.

The whole thing has really been rethought out. The first major change will be using old pillowcases instead of decorative paper. We were given a sack of old granny style pillow cases with retro applique and embroidery. The plan is to dye them and cut them to fit that rectangle openings. I feel bad because these are someones old/retro bed sheets. I feel bad destroying heirloom bed linens. I am thinking about saving the nice embroidery section from being dyed and putting them in as is.

Inspired by the cheap frames that we got for the privacy screen for the house, I came up with a plan to minimize foot traffic and maximize privacy for the property as a whole. We have a small pathway between our house and the parking lot for the health department clinic. The gravel and general litter from their clients/patients etc. constantly falls onto our pathway. The other day I was weeding and decided that something needed to be done. I am planning on getting two or three more frames and a vine of some sort.

Ideally, I want to get these two project and one more (that I'll talk about in a minute) before leaving for California on the 15th. I really just want to the privacy screen for the office done because I don't want our nosy ass landlady peering into our home. And I want the plants in place so they have some time to grow and establish rooting on the frames before foot traffic really increases as the school year draws near.

The last project to get done before the trip is one that absolutely needs to be done by the time we leave. I know eight different women that have been pregnant this summer. Most of them aren't popping the kids out until the fall. Some of my closest friends are having their kids within 3 weeks of each other. For one of the babies, I am making decorative wooden initials. They will be safari themed. This is the first time I have ever attempted anything like this, so hopefully it will go smoothly. If it goes well, I may just post the pictures of them, or even try to make a penny or two from them.

Another project I am working on is my sister's Wedding Website. I have never really done a website before so this is a new venture for me. The majority of it is put together, I just need to do a lot of data type entry. People's bios, ceremony and reception site details, driving directions etc.

So that is the plan for the next month or so. If crafts aren't your thing, and/or you just want my recipes, Don't Worry! I will be posting as many of those as possible!

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