Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Indulge Burgers & More

This past weekend we were down in the Phoenix area. We stayed at the Embassy Suites Phoenix-Scottsdale. The room was really nice. The complimentary breakfast wasn't super awesome, but there were plenty of choices and old standby's that were great. The best part was the pool. Haha.

The pool wasn't the biggest but it was on a salt system instead of a chlorine or bromine system. It was really nice. I didn't have to worry about my hair turning green from the chemicals or the chlorine bleaching my clothes/bathing suit. The pool area was quite nice as well. The view was very nice. Being right in the middle of North Phoenix and Scottsdale, the pool over looked the golf resort and the Phoenix Mountains and North Mountain to the South and Southwest. There were several lounge chairs for sunning as well as umbrellas. I spent a good time with my upper body covered by the umbrella and my legs in the sun since they needed the tanning. This was the main activity for both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday afternoon, we spent much more time in the water and goofing off. We built up an appetite. For lunch we went to Indulge Burgers & More located in Scottsdale. It wasn't quite what I was expecting. It was a smaller place with a great menu. Their signature menu option
was the ability to completely make your own burger! You fill out your paper menu with all the things you want on your burger! They have a plethora of options for the burger you want. Their beef certified humane from cattle that is hormone free and fed natural feed. They also offer a gluten free menu!

I had 1/3 lb medium well beef burger with horseradish cheddar on a brioche bun with the standard tomato and lettuce as well as grilled onions. On the side, there was the typical condiments, as an added zing, I picked Honey Citrus Pepper sauce. It was amazing! It was a little bit more well done than med-well, but still great. It definitely hit the spot. We also ordered half and half onion strings and sweet potato fries. Sooo good!

On the down side there are two definite things I would change. First, the sweet potato fries needed some sort of seasonings to them. I still think the best I have ever had are the sweet potato fries at Big Foot BBQ. They put some sort of sugar or cinnamon on them. The second thing I would say needs improvement is the wait staff. We were never given silverware until we asked. At least give us a napkin and a knife so that we can add the sauces and condiments onto our burgers. They also decided that we didn't need fries until five minutes after our burgers. Oh well. The burgers were still great and the prices weren't too bad!

To leave this on a positive note, if you are in the area you can put in a to go order online and pick up your burger when you are ready for it!

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