Thursday, July 1, 2010

Works in Progress

This will be an on going list of things that I have started that I would like to or need to have completed rather soon. After my restlessness and about six half started projects today alone, I decided that this was needed. Some of the items listed are things I have yet to make any mention of. Some of the items are minuscule and some are huge undertakings.

Feel free to make me accountable. Feel free to question me from time to time about any progress I do make, if I have made any at all. As things get updated on, I will link to their postings or strike them out if they don't need a posting. The following is in no particular order ( for the most part):

The Official YGFASings To Do List
  • Get a Review/Idea notebook ie: small reporter style
  • Finish memorial Altered Book
  • Post recipes within two days of cooking them or put them aside for the next time
  • Post at least three reviews a month
  • Keep current with Adventures in Macyland
  • Work on NYC '10 itinerary
  • Finish comparative finances spreadsheet for NYC '10 trip
  • Finish NYC '10 shopping
  • Try to finish the FBL
  • Actually post the FBL!
  • Start the curtain project and the privacy screen
  • Noshing on Nachos
  • Finish Sam and Casey's website
  • Work on the baby presents
  • Work on the garden
  • Find a postcard collection box

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