Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adventures in MacyLand pt 3

So keeping track of my visits to Macy's proving harder than ever! Now that we have internet at the house, I rarely ever bring the laptops along. I know I wrote about the lemonade already, but I must say again it is AMAZING!! Everytime we go now, it is something I need to get.

This past week, I have been sick! And boy was it a welcome treat. It was like a medicinal treat. Something you actually want to take for your cold. The honey really soothed my throat, and it was a much better way to get some vitamin C. In fact, way better than drinking orange juice.

Orange juice is one of the worst juices to drink. One orange yields 1oz of juice. Roughly there are 8 oranges in one 8oz glass of juice. No one is going to eat 8 oranges in one day, yet many people drink way more than 8oz of juice in one morning. Blood sugar levels after drinking a glass of orange juice are similar to that of a severe diabetic! So think carefully before you gulp down that tall glass of OJ in the morning. Okay off my soapbox!

Sorry, back to the main topic. A couple weeks ago, BK's family was in town. We stopped by for a quick breakfast before running a muck downtown. I grabbed another quiche. This time it was filled with tomatoes, and onions and maybe green chilies. It was awhile ago, but still great! If you even remotely like quiche, you NEED to try it at Macy's! As always, the egg was silky smooth and packed with flavor. I think next time, I may even microwave it and try it warm.

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