Thursday, April 5, 2018

52 Recipes | No. 4 Honey Sesame Chicken

Now that we are back from our Spring Break trip, I can continue posting about my 52 Recipes in 2018 project. I had planned to post while we were away but then left my laptop at home. Oh well! I am back and I am chugging along. Although this is only the fourth recipe I've shared, I think I am up to thirteen for the year. From the nine that I haven't shared yet, three were complete disasters, four are keepers that Ill be sharing them soon, and two I want to make a couple more times to see if they are worth sharing.

Today's recipe is the Honey Sesame Chicken from the Chef Mickey cookbook. According to the book, this dish is served at the Nine Dragons Restaurant in Epcot China Pavilion at Walt Disney World. This is one of about ten recipes from the cook book that I wrote on my initial list. While I selected a lot of recipes based on recreating magical foods at home, this one was purely a "I am craving Chinese food" decision. I've never made Chinese food at home from scratch before so this was a great recipe to try.

Honey Sesame Chicken from Chef Mickey - Treasures from the Vault & Delicious New Favorites. There are quite a few Disney food related blogs that copycat recipes posted as well.

No real "adjustments" but I did leave out the sesame seed and green onion garnish.

Results and Thoughts:
So I have never made Asian style chicken over rice from scratch before. I was super nervous and this recipe was a bit of an undertaking. There were a lot of steps and was a tad bit overwhelming with a toddler and newborn demanding my attention. It didn't help that we decided to make this on a weeknight. It definitely would have been smarter for us to wait for a Saturday afternoon because we ended up eating after bedtime.

All that aside, I am still so glad I made this! It was delicious. I can't comment on how this recipe stands up to the Nine Dragons original because neither of us has eaten the original but we enjoyed this and will be trying it again!

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