Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2018 Book Report | Jan - March

Every year I challenge myself to read something. Anything. Some years it is a specific list (Hello abandoned Rory Gilmore Challenge), some years its "Just Read Something" and others it is a set number of titles. For 2018, I am going to read at least 26 books. That is a book every 2 weeks. I could have pushed myself and gone for something upwards of 100 books but with two kids, I just wanted something doable.

At the end of December when I set my goal, I also started a list. Much like my 52 Recipes project, I knew that success means having a plan. I wrote out all the titles I knew I wanted to read, books I needed to finish from previous years and stuff I wanted to reread by myself or as a family with the kids. As of the end of March, I have eight books (only six if you ask GoodReads) finished and about 50 on my To Be Read list. I am feeling good.
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Tips For Living // This was a January Amazon First Read pick. I am glad I chose it for my first read of the year. Its been marketed as a Suspense but it is more of a curl up with a blanket on a cold afternoon mystery.  It was an easy read (I finished in less than 48 hours), and some of the plot points were predictable. That said, I did find it entertaining and I really wanted to know "who did it".

The Last Letter // I love me some Historical Fiction and The Last Letter did not disappoint. There was so much to take in between all the tragic events that befall this group of 1800's homesteaders. It took me a bit longer to finish but once I got to the second half of the story, it really took off. The rest of the books from this series are currently on my To Be Read list.

The Starlight Hill Series Books 1-3 // With as heavy parts of The Last Letter were, I decided to read something lighter. Hello Chick Lit. I got this for free and did not realize at first it was three books in one. The series starts off innocently enough with no romance novel-esque sex scenes. Once you get to Book 3 it is a little more present. I only mention it because it caught me a little off guard as I was not expecting it, however it is nowhere near the sex from Harlequin books I would sneak read as a teen. Or even Flowers in the Attic!

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine // This title was chosen as part of the short-lived It's All Good Book Club with Dani Hampton of Sometimes Sweet. I am not sure that I would have chosen this on my own just from seeing it on the shelf. From the onset, I found it Eleanor so relatable and unexpectedly lovable with all her outlandish quirks. As the book goes on, it becomes a little heavy, quite heartbreaking and humorous all at the same time. I was a little let down by the ended but only because it was different than I had hoped. For a debut novel, it is fantastically written and I look forward to reading more from Gail Honeyman.

Anywhere With You // Again, I needed something a little lighter after a heavy. This is a small novella taking place after the third book of the Starlight Hill series I read at the end of January. Like I mentioned above the series starts our more Chick Lit/Rom Com and slowly turns more Romance. This one had some ridiculous love scenes that read as if they were out of a teen girl's diary. I had to roll my eyes a bit.

Silent Victim // This was my Amazon First Read for February. Another Suspense title pick for me and this one was actually thrilling to read. The story is told from varying perspectives of three different characters spanning from 2003 to 2017. This is easily one of my favorite types of storytelling and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Just was a warning there are potential triggering topics in this books.

Currently Reading/Planning to Read 
I chose Feast: True Love in and out of the Kitchen by Hannah Howard as my Amazon First Read for March. I started it but it didn't pull me in right away. I had planned to pick it up during Spring Break but that didnt happen. Also in progress is Modern Lovers by Emma Straub. I have been trying to read this book since last fall. It is very similar to "my kind of book" but I haven't been able to get into it. I think if it were on my Kindle I may have more luck but I am still trying to finish it. The second and third books from The Letter Series, Turtles All The Way Down, and The Dirty Life are all standing out as titles to be read next as well as whatever I pick for my Amazon First Read.

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