Thursday, March 29, 2018

March | Currently

settling into routine again after 17 days in California
celebrating spring with snow showers, rain storms, and small bouts of warm weather, and I love it
preparing for our Resurrection Sunday celebration
filling and rolling dolmas for Sunday
feeling a little sad that we won't be with our extended families or close friends for the holiday
remembering the old days out on the Lopez Family Patio making fried dough
chasing around a curious almost three year old and an army crawling seven month old
marveling at how fast Eliza is growing
wondering if our family is truly complete with two kids
thinking about adopting a furry family member
scaring myself with the thought of adding another wild beast to this equation
dreaming about our summer garden and backyard plans
gathering the supplies to start the work
planting roots, figuratively and literally
embracing Berkeley's promotion to Engine Captain
letting go of my "return to Flagstaff" dream, for now
missing our people
opening myself up to new people and relationships, and new opportunities building a community here in Alpine

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