Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Krueger Family Summer List

Happy May friends! I know for many, summer doesn't officially start until June, but around here summer starts when Fire Season starts and that is usually the beginning of May. So today, I am sharing whats on our Summer To Do List. Some people call them manifestos and in the past I have called mine a bucket list (which I've never really liked). Really it is just an intentional list of things our family would like to do during this season.

Some things are yearly things that we would celebrate regardless of the season, like Teddy's birthday. How is he going to be two already?!  I cannot believe it! Yearly events like parades and local parties. We also have a few random, every day type things on there too like baking treats, watching movies, and fishing. Although it looks like we planned a lot, I am really looking forward to a slow summer. What about you? Do you set intentions for your summer?

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