Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week In The Life 2017 | Documentation Recap

As you may have seen from my post two weeks ago, I participated for the sixth time in Ali Edwards' Week in the Life project. This year, I didnt have a specific goal other than capturing moments from a random week from our life. I just wanted a record of what our life looks like right now.

I ended up using both my iPhone and my Nikon. Most of my documenting, especially photos from my phone, was shared on Instagram. You can see all the photos shared this year, and years past, using #amakwitl. However, today I wanted to share some of my favorite moments and stories from the week. Not all of these are the greatest photos ever taken, or have the right lighting or are perfectly crisp, but they are the photos that have my favorite stories from the week and best capture our "right now".

Monday 9:30am | Another break from finishing laundry because when a kiddo asks to read the answer should always be yes! 
Monday 5:15pm | That moment when Berkeley says he's taking TinyKrueger out in the backyard to grill and 5 minutes later you see a tow-headed toddler run unsupervised past your front window on the other side of the house! 
Tuesday 6:45am | The bathroom line up. We don'y do very many "products" in our house. These get the most use. 
Tuesday 10:30am | Instead of playtime, #TinyKrueger wanted a movie and a head scratch. I was happy oblige if it meant a few moments of calm.
Wednesday 8:00am | Some mornings require a dump of the fruit + veggie scraps and a turn of the compost. I am excited we were able to keep this going over the winter and can't wait to add this nutrient rich mixture to our garden!
Wednesday 4:45pm | Dad's home so that means TinyKrueger gets to "shoot water" (help water the lawn)
Thursday 4:35pm | "Hi Dad!" he exclaims as he opens the side gate to greet Berkeley when he gets home from work.
Friday 8:31am | This week has been so full of laundry. On top of our typical stuff, it was also time to rotate out clothes. That meant washing, folding, and packing smaller baby and toddler sized stuff and pulling out some larger hand-me-downs that have been waiting to be worn. 
Saturday 6:48am | It's Saturday, and Berkeley is off to work even though it is supposed to be his day off. I guess this means summer is here and Fire Season has officially begun. It seems earlier and earlier each year. 
Saturday 11:45pm | BK finally got home after ten. I was snoozing waiting for him and now I'm wide awake and listening to podcasts
Sunday 7:15pm | Kid, You'll move mountains! Story time with just me and TinyKrueger before bed.

So there are a few of my favorite photos from the week. We were supposed to have just a normal week, and then Berkeley ended up working really late on both of his days off. As a result, I got a lot of photos of what my "Stay at home Mom" life looks like. I also noticed that I tend to taper off my documenting once Berkeley gets home from work. The next time I do this project I want to make a point of taking more evening photos, no matter how grainy they may end up. I also want to be sure to find comparative shots in subsequent years just to see how our life changes and/or stays the same from season to season and year to year. 

I still plan on taking the photos and words and putting them into an album. I am focusing on wrapping up my sister's Disney album prior to starting something else. Once the Disney Album is done, I will be moving on to the Week in the Life album so be sure to look for those updates here or on my YouTube channel. 

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