Wednesday, August 10, 2016

From Ms to Mrs Album | Album Organization

Back today with another update on my "From Ms. to Mrs." scrapbook album for my sister. If you missed my first post about this album and the supplies I'll be using, this is a 6x8 pocket style scrapbook documenting all the events that happened between my sister's engagement and her wedding day. Today's post is all about how I organized this album.
My organization process is quite similar for a lot of my scrap projects. It usually starts with me going through the pictures I have and planning out how they are going into the album. I am not sure when I became such a visual person, but having an outline really helps me with these types of projects.

Not only did I draw an outline for this project, I also made a "mock-up" of each spread similar to my approach to organizing my Project Life album. To some, these extra steps may seem like extra work. My own husband laughs a little each time I do it. However, for me it is so helpful. For this project in particular I wanted to stick the supplies I had on hand which meant using a limited supply of 10 different styles of pocket pages.
On top of that, the photos I have are not just photos I took but photos from at least 5 other people! When I had all the photos airdropped and emailed to me, I loaded them to iPhoto and made them a separate folder. Then I pulled them all up in the photo editor I use to make the layout template. Again, seeing how each photo will look in each pocket before printing it all out helps tremendously! Once all of the layouts are done, I printed out all those images as a "contact sheet" for quick reference for printing the various sizes of photos. For this particular project (and most of my larger projects) I sent my photos out to a photo processor.

Lastly, with my general outline figured out and waiting for my photos to arrive, I went through and put all my pages into the album in the same order as the outline. I also added in placeholders for the various inserts as well. Then when I get my photos, I just put them where they need to go. To see a flip through of how my album looks at this stage, watch the video below or head over to my YouTube channel.

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