Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 | Photos and Words

Another year, another go at Ali Edwards' Week in the Life. My original plan for documenting this year was to utilize Instagram much like I did for Day in the Life. Taking the photos and getting the details of the little stories of our last week living in Flagstaff. I am not sure if I will be incorporating this year's Week in the Life into some sort physical project just yet, but for now I like the idea of focusing on one story and photo from each day of the week. 

Monday 5:38am // Flagstaff // The baby stirs and gets brought to the big bed for an early morning nursing + cuddle session. He drifts back to sleep and I check emails and read blogs while trying to ignore how bare our room feels now that moving is officially underway.

Tuesday 9:43am // Flagstaff // Making my second cup of tea this morning. Hoping I can enjoy it before it goes cold like the first one did. 

Wednesday 7:13am // Flagstaff // We had a rough start this morning that put a tail spin on the rest of the day. As a result not much documenting (or anything else for that matter) has happened today.

Thursday 4:28pm // Springerville // Home.

Friday 1:34pm // Springerville // I am feeling so blessed that this is home for us. This is our new normal. Trading in "city living" for a backyard surrounded by 37 acres of grazing land, and street noises for the sounds of life in the country. 

Saturday 6:38am // Flagstaff // I have been waiting all summer for this to be what most of our mornings look like. Daddy + Baby + Mama. The funny thing is that I used to be so terrible at sharing a bed yet it has been the one thing I have looked forward to since Berkeley started his position in Alpine. I'd say the baby is happy about it too! 

Sunday 5:53pm // Flagstaff // This day has been incredibly full and draining, both physically and emotionally.  Taking a moment in the warmth of the evening sun and silence of a sleeping baby to embrace this weekend of huge change. I admit I cried a little earlier in the day as I pulled up in the rain and saw our furniture being loaded into the moving truck.

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