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Day in the Life | May 12, 2015

Day in the Life is an in depth memory keeping project started by Ali Edwards that captures all the details of a single day in one's life. I have written about this project and participated in it several times in the past with mixed results. This time around I was hoping to capture a look at our last few days at just two and my only "plan" was to share via Instagram. Little did I know what this day would bring.

7:50am // As is normal for days off, I've been awake for 2 hours already and he is still happily sleeping.

8:05am // Still hanging out in bed while BK snoozes and Tiny Krueger is wiggling up a storm. 

9:30am // I'm "working" on the ball and he's "working" over the phone.

10:25am // Breakfast at Bookman's

11:00am // 20 millionth bathroom break of the day and a bump photo

11:45am // Since Tiny Krueger is refusing to come out we get to do fun tests!

Since I was overdue we needed to do a NonStress Test to check out the baby's heartbeat and movements to make sure everything was still going smoothly. This is a standard "test" once you reach 41 weeks and if you go beyond that. Our results from this test were normal. We left our appointment with instructions to relax, eat normally, and take some walks to encourage baby out. So we did just that with a walk downtown to pick up some tea and we returned home for lunch. 

1:30pm // tea drinking and ball bouncing in between today's appointments

3:15pm // The radiologists keyboard reminds me of something that would be on a spaceship.

Another standard "overdue" test is to measure the amniotic fluid via ultrasound. We headed to the local hospital for the scan. The radiologist said the fluids were a little low but sent us home. Within an hour our midwife was calling and encouraging us to head to the hospital for induction. It wasn't part of the plan but it was now necessary to get the baby to come. We arrived at the hospital around 5:30pm. 

6:45pm // After some normal late term testing the plans have changed and we are hanging out in Labor & Delivery

7:47pm // Signing paperwork for the impending arrival of Tiny Krueger

9:45pm // Getting this party started. Walking the halls and doing squats to encourage the little one out

11:43pm // Not exactly what I had in mind when I talked about a new piercing! Ending the day thinking it is highly ironic that the one time I choose to fully participate in Day in the Life is the day I end up in the hospital. Oh life!

So that is a peek into what our Tuesday looked like. It started out pretty normal but ended with being admitted to the hospital and starting our unplanned route of meeting our baby. It was far from a normal day. I am not sure if or how I will fit this day into a project but I am really glad I have the limited photos and captions from my IG posts. I am also unsure if I will be sharing a full on birth story any time soon simply because it was just so long and emotionally draining being in the hospital and laboring for nearly 40 hours. So for now, it is nice having this little look at where that journey started. 

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