Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March | Currently

reaching the beginning of the eighth month! 
wondering where the time has gone.
crying at all the things including (but not limited to) cute animals, radio songs, and not knowing what to eat. 
recuperating after a much needed trip to California last week. 
missing being surrounded by my huge extended family and our friends that are like family.
thankful for our ever growing Fire Family all across the country.
overwhelmed by the unending love and support from all of them. 
bringing all the baby things into the house.
installing our own baby seat into the car.
turning our spare/craft room into a temporary guest/baby stuff storage room. 
embracing the upcoming changes. 
leaning into the unknown. 
reading consent forms and handouts and informational pamphlets.
putting a pause on any other reading as I can't focus.
packing lesser used items here and there. 
tossing the unneeded things
watching the temperatures bounce all over the place. 
loving (secretly) the random blizzards we've been getting this month.
resting as much as this little one will let me. 
counting down the remaining days. Just about 50 left.

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