Monday, February 23, 2015

Big News!

Do you want to know what is equally nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time? Finding out, at 28 weeks pregnant, that your husband got a permanent position that requires you to move 4 hours from where you have spent the last 10 years! Wanna know what is even more crazy? Realizing that your husband will have to move 6 weeks before your due date! 

We have been waiting for Berkeley to get a permanent position with the US Forest Service for over 6 years now. Hiring for Federal Wildland Firefighting is unique and the first two weeks of February is a crucial time where it seems like the rules are made up and things move in the blink of an eye. For us, Berkeley had a telephone interview on a Friday around 3pm and was offered the position Saturday morning by 9am. And he accepted by 10am! Yes, we made a huge life decision in less than hour with a single face to face conversation and single text that read "If you think this is the right job, Take It! And we'll figure out the rest later."

We are currently in that "figure the rest out later" stage. What we do know is that in roughly a month Berkeley will be moving to start his new position while I spend the last 6 or so weeks of pregnancy in Flagstaff. Insert a million crazy feelings here. Berkeley will be back and forth as May nears and will hopefully spend two weeks here once the baby arrives. The current plan has the baby and I joining Berkeley by June! 

Since all hell broke loose late in 2013, we had somewhat joked that May 2015 would be our New Year. After so many losses and set backs and now we are thisclose to two of our biggest goals/dreams becoming reality! We used that benchmark as a year since someone close to us passed away. Then we found out that was when Baby is due. Now, by the end of May we'll be a family of 3 in a new home with a permanent Federal position. This really is turning out to be our New Year!

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