Thursday, November 6, 2014

Week in the Life 2014 | Wednesday words + photos

Week in the Life: Wednesday Oct 29
Below you will find THREE photos from Wednesday! Yep, a whopping three. Both my iPod touch and my camera got forgotten at home during my errands that day. 
 8:37 am | Getting in a few hours of work before starting errands for the day. During this time of year, "work" is unpaid for our church congregation. I am in charge of our "internet presence" and updating our website with the weekly sermons. While we traveling for weddings this past month those things didn't get done so there is a little bit of a backlog. Today I was tackling some of those file uploads and typing sermon notes.
There are two things in this photo that caught my attention as well. First, working from home means you get to stay in loungewear/pjs as long as you want. Second, I really need to get my hair trimmed up. Thems some scraggly ends!
2:31 pm | After errands and a meeting, I got home and had a "second lunch" of sorts. While out I ate black bean soup/chili around 11am but needed a little bit something after running around. Enter in this strawberry peach kale smoothie made with almond milk. Most the time when I have a smoothie, I drink it from a beer pint glass. Our regular tall drinking glasses are a clear smoke color that tend to make smoothies look unappealing.
7:35 pm | The Lumberyard for dinner and Game 7 of The World Series. Berkeley was really in the mood for a beer and a burger. I had other ideas with a salad. We split the most amazing hummus plate. It was delicious! Also, we watched The Giants win! It was awesome. I fully accept the Bandwagoner label when either them or Boston Red Sox are doing well. Other than that, I really don't bother with baseball. It was not a sport my parents were into growing up so I have no connection with it. Football and hockey are whole different games (literally and figuratively Ha!)

I have been noticing that I default to the same few shots. From above, at a crooked angle, and detail shots, and almost always landscape orientation are my faves. I really really need to get more of Berkeley and I in full shots and tell more of our story together. Sometimes, it is really hard to capture the little things that make up our relationship. Cameras don't genuinely capture the small gestures and the shared expressions that convey everything without words. I wish there were more ways to capture those things to share with our future children as an example of love, as an example of what to wait for.

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