Friday, November 7, 2014

Week in the Life 2014 | Thursday words + photos

Week in the Life: Thursday Oct 30
This is the end of the week for me. My documentation of this week opened my eyes to my own personal style and my own habits. Lately, I have been relying heavily on routine to get me through the day. If my routine or plans are interrupted, my whole day gets a little off. 
9:28 am | high protein granola + nuts and berries + almond milk = second breakfast. Obviously this is the same breakfast as Monday and the same style, just a different day and my spoon in a different position. Again, the routine of it all.
11:40 am | Checking midday emails. Most days, I try to limit checking my email to three times a day. Even that feels like a lot to me, but I manage 6 or 7 email address with two being personal and the rest being "professional" for an organization, so it is necessary. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed, sometimes I want to close it all and hand the reigns over to someone else.
1:09 pm | A throwback to that one time I was on the front page of the local paper because my teen mom graduated high school. The newspaper clipping came in a package I had received over the weekend and I had just gotten around to going through the large stack of photos and memorabilia that was tucked into the package. There are so many stories this photo of a photo tells.
4:18 pm | We don't have a dinner plan so the searching and contemplating of what to make for dinner begins. In the end, we ultimately decided on leftovers since we had so many options.
9:45 pm | This is how Berkeley falls asleep most nights. As for me, I normally just roll over and pass out.

And that is it for Week in the Life 2014. I am currently working out the details for adding this into my Project Life album. I think it will take up the bulk of my monthly style documentation with a separate section for the two weddings we attended. When I get that all put together I will share here.

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