Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November | Currently

taking in the changing weather.
wearing lots of layers. 
sleeping in these pine tree flannel sheets
drinking veggie smoothies at least once a day. 
snuggling tiny houseguests while their mama is busy bringing a new one into the world. 
listening to this album on repeat the last few days. 

eating apples and peanut butter with granola.
taking lots of grown up "timeouts". 
reading kid's books over and over.
loving the added sense of security our little backyard fence provides.
celebrating our two year wedding anniversary almost a week late. 
counting down to Thanksgiving and Christmas.
filling out paperwork for working at Snowbowl again this winter 
excited to see what this season brings. 
catching up on the last season of Grey's Anatomy. 
planning events for church.
thinking I am going to be cutting off a bulk of my hair.
looking to pinterest for inspiration for new hairdos.
hunting for the perfect table (still).

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