Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week in the Life 2014 | Monday words + photos

Week in the Life: Monday Oct 27
I really wanted to focus on the "Why?" stories this year with my Week in the Life documentation. Although I didn't post any photos from Friday - Sunday, I ended up with a little over 200 photos for all three days. It was insane, but I was engaged in the project. The main story of Monday was readjusting and getting back into the swing of home life. Today's photos were all taken with my iPod touch. 
7:50am | Usually, I am out of bed with Berkeley at 6:30 while he gets ready for work but that didn't happen today. After a long weekend, I was exhausted and the weather wasn't helping the situation. I was lucky to get to spend a little extra time in bed this morning zoning out a little bit of TV. 
8:30am | Hunger finally roused me and brought me downstairs for breakfast. A new morning staple is granola and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. As part of healthier food options we are cutting out some dairy and extra sugars. This whole adventure is a whole novel unto itself. However, I ended up bringing my breakfast up to bed with me for a little extra lazy time. 
9:16 am | Shower time. Products and products and products. We have more bottles of shampoo, conditioner and other various products than I know what to do with. These five bottles are just a small sampling of them. The funny part is that the bottles I use are highest on this window ledge and all Berkeley's beard products are on the lower shelves. No matter how I try to rearrange it, somehow my three bottles and bar of soap end up at the top. 
10:47 am | I found a stash of fabric scraps from my grandmother that fit the color scheme of the blanket I am working on. I needed just a few more pieces to fill in my rows. My rotary cutter needs a new blade but I don't want to venture across town so I measure and cut the rest of the pieces by hand. It is tedious but necessary. 
11:00 am | I finish with cutting. The next step was arranging the square pieces into the "pattern" for the blanket. This stack is about 255 pieces of fabric. I am noticing that I am really drawn to the fall colors this year and the scraps I found in my stash really tie a lot of the different fabrics together. I am so focused on the getting the blanket done, I spent the next 4 hours working on joining the individual pieces into strips of 15. 
6:35pm | Berkeley arrives with dinner. Chipotle. I opted out of the dairy and tortilla and was bummed about it. The little doodles made it somewhat better but didn't make up for the distinct lack of flavors I crave from Chipotle. I just have to remind myself that it is for the best and the outcome will be a greater reward than my need for sour cream and cheese.

As I am preparing my posts, I have noticed that most of my documenting ends when Berkeley gets home. Not good. I am hoping I can change that.

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