Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June | Currently

writing this exactly a year from this post.
experiencing almost all of the same things.
loving this townhouse we are in more and more.
taking advantage of the great views from our backyard.
planning our patio improvements.
waiting out the fire restrictions so we can grill.
wanting to chop all my hair off and I mean ALL of  IT.
appreciating my fellow fire wife friends ad their endless advice and support.
making it through Berkeley being on severity and working six 10hr shifts each week.
celebrating my brother graduating high school.
feeling old because of this.
remembering anniversaries.
bracing myself for an onslaught.
working through the mountain of other emotions (still). 
trying to be graceful throughout it all (still).
going to be avoiding the internet for a few days. 
reclaiming the guest room for my semi-office/studio.
missing our little houseguests.
thinking a lot about life and family.
trying to be patient as we try to grow our family.
hoping to embrace the wait.
kicking up my feet and enjoying the summer.

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